Just Doing IT

I Did IT!

I taught my first yoga class today!..Sort of.  My neighbors got together this afternoon and agreed to let me teach them what I have been practicing in teacher training.  It wasn’t perfect but it felt so good! I am so grateful that I am surrounded by people who believe in me and are supporting me in what I want to do.  Without them I’m not sure if I would ever climb out of my shell and have the confidence to teach yoga.  Over the past few weeks I feel I have been able to grow as a person and conquer so many fears because of the lovely supportive people in my life.  I am so grateful.  Thank you!

Half the battle is just getting yourself to DO IT, whatever it is, and then once you do you it you’ll be glad you did!

ImageI feel so LOVED!


2 thoughts on “Just Doing IT

  1. When I started teaching the thought of me being the medium through which this ancient practice is transmitted, rather than me being the ‘doer’ helped a lot. I tried to think that people came for the practice, not for me as a person, and it took some of the pressure off! 🙂

    • I really like that perspective. I have been getting better, but still feel the nerves. The more I teach the more it just flows out of me, but when I let too much time go by the nerves return. I just have to keep pushing through but I will definitely keep what you said in mind.

      Thank you 🙂

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